Wednesday 1 June 2022

Dantown, a fast growing Fintech in Nigeria celebrates 4years of active operation - Igwe Goodnews, CEO of Dantown


Over the past 4 years, Dantown has grown from serving just20 customers, into a leading Cryptocurrency company in Nigeria serving thousands of customers which we have built so far by offering a system laid firmly on  trust, commitment and service. I am delighted to share the story of our humble beginning and  growth process.


This wonderful adventure started in 2018 when I birthed the idea of building a system where users could easily convert their digital assets into cash. This dream was a big one, and as such, I began to take actionable strategies - buying and selling Bitcoin and Gift Cards using the Whatsapp platform. After afew months, the process became cumbersome because Ihandled marketing, sales, and customer service all by myselfand because of this, I took the step of getting more hands for the job. Today, Dantown has over six departments and varioussub-departments with a functional team that works with passion and resilience, which has given us the level of success we have today.


In 2020, we focused on building a viable and lasting product. We first launched our website,, where users could securely trade their Bitcoin and Gift Cards. Later that year, the company expanded, and currently, Dantown is proud to have a user-centric mobile app with amazing features running on both the Play store and the IOS store.


Today, the business has evolved so much from being only a place to sell Bitcoin and Gift Cards. More beneficial features have been incorporated into the Dantown Mobile App, as you can make Electricity Bill Payments, Cable TV Subscriptions, and also Purchase Airtime and Data.


In March 2022, Dantown launched trading of Tether (USDT) on the platform. Dantown embracing USDT, as well as other services, is a testament to our continuous evolution and our foresight towards bringing value to our customers through innovative approaches, and our constant dedication to delivering top-notch services to our clientele.


I will say, right from the abinitio, Dantown was built having the users in mind. We pride ourselves on how we have improved so far by giving our customers their desired satisfaction. All of these were able to be accomplished by paying detailed attention to customer needs, and giving an ear to customer complaints and feedbacks. Customer feedback was one of our greatest motivations and I sincerely appreciate all customers of Dantown from the first day of operation up until now.


I truly appreciate everyone at Dantown who has played a significant role in bringing us to this level of success and achievements. Our goals and mission will never be altered, as Dantown promises to always be of service to everyone. Iwould like to take a moment to step back, and say, " thank you" once again, for joining us on this beautiful journey. Together we will solve all payment problems using Cryptocurrencies.

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