Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Jeff Taylor a Nigerian Lagos based artist Drops new collaboration with Micmagic


[Music] Jeff Taylor ft Micmagic - Mile Away
Jeff Taylor is a Nigerian born song writer , singer and rapper from Lagos Nigeria with a unique and wonderful sound , Jeff Taylor approach to music has been proven to be influential in his hometown and subsequent distant scenes indebted to the city's innovative Afro and drill movement. Last year, he was featured on a Afro fusion/ Afro beat track with Mic magic , He has a diverse musical style mix of hip-hop, R&B, Trap and Afro fusion.

On the remix, the rapper features his longtime friend and collaborator, Mic Magic.

TRENDING🔥: Music] Kellypaper - Aye (prod. Teemzybeatz

He deconstructs his creative process, “’MILE AWAY’ redirects flowing positivity into empowerment allowing my listener to feel confident and blossom upon hearing such an inspirational song. The writing process was instantaneous. On my first-listen, I could feel the energy along with emotion which helped me create the lyrics and melody which helped to give a direction for the song.

Speaking on working with Mic , he disclosed “My collaborator, Mic shared the same energy as mine. On hearing the song, he could automatically connect to it. It was pretty smooth for him to write his part to such a beautiful music and with great message.”

This presents an opportunity from the talented artist and we are confident you will love this track by Jeff Taylor featuring Mic Magic . Enjoy 🔥🔥

Song is being promoted by George Israel Father (GEORGE THEPLUGG)




Wednesday, 27 April 2022

The Unprecedented story of Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye


The Unprecedented story of Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye

The Unprecedented story of Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye.

Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye is a serial entrepreneur, building magnate and financial expert with over 10 years’ experience in finance. He’s the current chairman of Zylus Group international. Zylus Group International is a privately owned and internationally recognized conglomerate with interests in Real Estate Investment, Property Sales, Human Capital Development, Agriculture, Infrastructure and General Construction, Property Valuation, Designs and Printing, Media, Transport and Logistics, Traveling and Tours, Property Management, Financial Services and many more.

Zylus Group International is the parent company of “Oga for Property” a company he founded in 2018 which has today metamorphosed into Zylus Homes and Property Limited. It also house subsidiaries such as Zylus Investment Limited, Zylus Transport and Logistics Limited, Zylus Property Development Limited, Zylus Travels and Tour Ltd, Zylus Designs and Prints Ltd, Zylus Media Hub, Zylus Multipurpose Cooperative Society, Zylus Farmvest Ltd; Zylus Property Management Ltd and Zylus Advertising Agency Ltd.

Among his numerous educational qualifications, Dr. Oluwatosin also studied Accounting at Lagos State Polytechnic in 2009. He is an alumnus of the School of Estate, where he learned the fundamental and comprehensive aspects of Real Estate. He earned himself a certificate in entrepreneurship from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management, UK. Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye is a fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration. He has attended and participated in numerous local and international seminars and summits in his quest for greatness.

He started his career as a sales representative at American International Insurance Company (AIICO) in 2007 where He began his journey and rose up the ladder to become a branch manager with over 13 years’ experience.

Over the years, he has acquired skills that have been instrumental to the growth of his career. Being an astute entrepreneur, he has about two decades of Sales and Marketing, Negotiation, Public Speaking, Management, Human Resource; Project Management, Development, Sales, and Marketing experience. He also carried out various researches to learn about the Real Estate industry and came up with solutions to solving the housing deficit problems in Nigeria.

Hence, due to his vast research, he founded Zylus Group International and as a real estate expert, Oluwatosin Olatujoye has tireless pursued his vision to help individuals own a classy, modern, luxurious yet affordable homes. This is ultimately targeted at aiding the government’s effort in addressing housing deficit in Nigeria. Under his leadership as the Chairman of Zylus Group International, Zylus Homes have successfully developed over 16 estates in Nigeria that is Lagos, Ogun, Enugu, and Abuja while the mandate is to develop estates in all states in Nigeria.

In recognition of his contribution to the society at large, he has won prestigious awards like; ATICO’s Best Unit Manager (2016), AIICO Top 10 Agency Manager in Revenue (2017), Nigeria Achievers Award (2020), Top 50 Entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Icon of Humanity Award, and Nigeria Property Merit Awards. As a young, dynamic and youth entrepreneur, he was named the West Africa Man of the Year by ECOWAS Youth. As recognition of his contribution to the industry within a limited time, Dr. Oluwatosin was recently recognized with the Under40
Ceo Award,the Next Bulls Award, (2021) by Business Day, and City People Real Estate Award.

He is a member of several professional bodies including the Project Management Professional Institute (PMPI), International Strategic Management Institute (ISMI)-UK. Over the time, he has acquired himself several certifications, Among which are; Professional Post-graduate certificate in Real Estate & Asset Valuation Management, Proficiency in Human Resources Management, Certified International Strategic Management (CISM), Proficiency in International Strategic Management (PISM) and Certificate in Entrepreneur Management (CEM), by Enterprise Development Center, PAN Atlantic University & Lagos Business School, he is also a member of the Nigerian-British Chambers of Commerce.

Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye is a philanthropist and a devoted humanitarian, he has keen interest in giving back to society; raising help for the needy and youth capacity development. Under his leadership, his company, Zylus Group International carried out several Community Social Responsibility initiatives during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through his foundation: Oluwatosin Olatujoye Foundation, he has contributed to feeding over 1000 less privileged in Abeokuta, Lagos, and Oyo respectively.

Monday, 18 April 2022

Zenora.me newest Money making Platform to Make over 12,000 Naira in 3 days - 64,000 in 7 days


Zenora.me newest Money making Platform to Make over 12,000 Naira in 3 days - 64,000 in 7 days

What is Zenora?

Zenora is a Decentralized networking platform modeled after the blockchain-based smart contracts that connects people from all over the world and opens the limitless possibilities of the new economic financial system.



Think about a platform that keeps paying without the possibility of it ever crashing... That is Zenora!

There are 6 matrix stages on Zenora. Every member starts from M1 and keep upgrading till they reach M6.

Matrix 1: Members will join with a fee of N1,000 and receive N2,000 in 24 hours. Members are required to bring 2 other partners to the platform in order to be able to cashout. This is required only on Matrix 1.



Matrix 2: Members will join with a fee of N2,000 and receive N4,000 in 24 hours.

Matrix 3: Members will join with a fee of N4,000 and receive N8,000 in 24 hours

Matrix 4: Members will join with a fee of N8,000 and receive N16,000 in 24 hours.

Matrix 5: Members will join with a fee of N16,000 and receive N32,000 in 24 hours.

Matrix 6: Members will join with a fee of N32,000 and receive N64,000 in 24 hours.

After completing the last level, members can choose to start from Matrix 1 again and repeat the cycle.

Join Zenora Investment, Latest Nigerian investment platform - make 64,000 in a week



Is Zenora sustainable?

Zenora is a decentralized platform. No money is stored anywhere. Participants pay directly to each other through the peer network. There is no possibility for anybody running away with the money. And each member only gets what was paid to them by their partner.

This makes the platform technically uncrashable.

How to register?

Visit https://zenora.me/i.php?r=16332la and click on Join Now or Register. Enter the required details and click on Register


How to Join a Matrix?

Simply login and click on Join.



What is Pending Join Request?

Whenever you want to join a matrix, and there is nobody to merge you with (that is, there is no pending cashout to merge you with), the fee you will pay to join will be recorded in your pending join request till someone cashouts.

You paid the joining fee, what else?

After paying the person you are merged to pay, you have to click on I've Paid. Once you've done that, the person you paid to has to Approve your payment also, before it will finally be approved in our system.

You have paid, but the person has not yet approved your payment?



It might just be that the person hasn't received your payment, maybe due to network issue. There is no reason to fret. Just make sure you have clicked on I've Paid, and keep getting in touch with the person till he/she finally approves the payment.

You have paid, but the person failed to approve your payment?

If you have made the payment, but the person claimed you haven't paid, simply click on I've Paid. Once you've done this, you should just wait for further instructions from us. There is no reason to fret at all.

You have paid, but your payment was rejected?

This means the person claimed you did not pay, and the 72 hours deadline has elapsed. Simply contact us via verify@zenora.me

Join Zenora Investment, Latest Nigerian investment platform - make 64,000 in a week




What is Zenora Investment?

The Zenora Investment is a multi-faceted trading program that rewards zenora members with up to 30% return on their investment in 15 days. We invest in different income earning opportunities such as FOREX, BETTING, CRYPTO and BINARY OPTIONS to generate maximum return for our members.

Is Zenora Investment Safe?

Zenora is a risk free investment, guaranteed by the peer network. Our investment is also pretty diversified. That is, we do not have all eggs in one basket. As a result, Zenora members are fully assured when it comes to risk.



You can't find where to Invest on your Dashboard?

Only members on Matrix 2 upwards can Invest. If the investment option is not on your dashboard, simply upgrade to higher matrix level.

How long does Investment take?

Investment on Zenora runs for 15 days, and members get 30% return.

Do you need to invite partners to withdraw your Zenora Investment Money?

Apart from the matrix conditions which apply to all members, you DO NOT need to invite anybody to be able to Cashout your investment money

Friday, 8 April 2022

Register and stream Rhapsody of Realities Online conference April 2022


[Event] Register for Rhapsody Online Prayers 8th - 9th April 2022
Rhapsody of Realities Presents -The Rhapsody Online Partners and Prayer Conference happening live for 24HRS from Friday, April 8th, 6 pm GMT+1 to Saturday, April 9th, 2022.

 Register Now on

and all Rhapsody Networks to Watch Live and Participate. God bless you!


[Event] Register for Rhapsody Online Prayers 8th - 9th April 2022

Saturday, 2 April 2022

Jc - Rain of Blessing


It's another brand new single "Rain of Blessing" from JC. If you believe in money wey go bring us money then you have to hit the link straight away.


Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Emerson – Trouble


South African based trap star “Emerson” returns To the scene after the successful release of his last body of work “Love & Drugs” last year with another smashing hit single already making numbers across all digital platforms, Streaming across multiple radio channels.

TRENDING🔥: ALBUM: ShantFeezy – Only God Made It Possible (EP)

And this one is dubbed “Trouble”

Listen, Download & ShareAudio Player


STREAM On Apple Music


Sunday, 20 March 2022

[Event] Healing Service - LIVE HEALING SERVICES 18th - 20th march 2022


[Event] Healing Service - LIVE HEALING SERVICES 18th - 20th march 2022

It's day 3 and the grand finale of the biggest healing crusade ever - Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris - Now Starting at 4:30pm (GMT+1)

Get everyone you know connected to this final session for a celebration of salvation, miracles and blessings.



Connect and share with everyone

For enquiries, please contact us:

Phone: +44 203 176 9724, +1 832 724 9390, +27 79 967 5852, +234 803 981 6243, +234 808 678 3344, +234 1 888 5066

Email: info@healingstreams.tv



God bless you.

[Event] Healing Service - LIVE HEALING SERVICES 18th - 20th march 2022

[Event] Healing Service - LIVE HEALING SERVICES 18th - 20th march 2022

Friday, 11 March 2022

County City - I got the money


County City - I got the money

County city drops another hot banging tune titled “I get the money”



Wednesday, 9 March 2022

How Digital Gold is creating a universal platform for wealth creation, fluid & easy Transactions through its Value Exchange Platform (VEP)


How Digital Gold is creating a universal platform for wealth creation, fluid & easy Transactions through its Value Exchange Platform (VEP)

Value Exchange Platform is a platform that brings to society a first-of-its-kind experience. It seeks to restore values to society by rewarding things/acts of value. VEP rewards good deeds, it is created to remind people of the importance of morals and values in society and also to encourage people to be morally upright, thereby creating a community of morally upright individuals with regard for values. VEP further provides a Platform for trading amongst members, it provides a rating system that recommends several beneficial options to its members based on each member’s value rating.

With recent developments in social media, peer-to-peer software, and smartphone technology, we have seen the definition of money extend beyond the traditional, physical tender of government-backed currencies to include mobile payments, digital currencies, and virtual goods. Joining this revolution of payment technologies is VEP, “the world’s first completely decentralized digital gold.
How Digital Gold is creating a universal platform for wealth creation, fluid & easy Transactions through its Value Exchange Platform (VEP)

VEP is powered by honesty and that will be the standard for evaluation. VEP will serve individuals, corporations, businesses, etc. by granting them access to services based on their honesty rating. VEP could be easily misunderstood, as one could say “is this not playing God? as only God can reward a man for being good” look at VEP as an instrument to understand the premium value principles behind God’s laws on upright morals.

VEP would be backed by a currency of its own known as DG (Digital Gold), which is the equivalent of actual Gold and can be exchanged for any other fiat, at the prevailing market price of Gold. Thus, trading on VEP would also be done with DG, rewards will be received in DG, payments in and out of the platform would be in DG. The plan is to encourage people who have chosen to be upright or have chosen good over evil to continue through the reward program

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Blood B - Ohita & Me and my G



After the release of Mazi, which the visual featured some prominent nolly wood actors like zubby Micheal, Harry b etc which is currently making waves across the nation. Blood B returns with two bangers titled Ohita & me & my G was produced by magic boi and young john enjoy..