Saturday 7 June 2014

UNILAG Students Shut Down Campus And Environs

protest currently going on at the University of Lagos. Students are protesting UNILAG authority demanding that some students pay N20,000 for late editing or registration of Course Forms.
The students first converged at the University's Senate Building where they shouted slogans and sang protest songs, demanding that the school ends this form of exploitation today, while accusing their VC of corruption. They left the senate building and went on a rampage through all the faculties in UNILAG demanding their rights.

 The students then blocked entrances to the school, preventing cars from going in and out of the campus.
 claim they registered late because the school management shut the school portal against registration, only for the school to demand an extra N20,000 from students registering late. The police are currently there to calm things down.

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