Thursday 26 February 2015

Yemi Alade And Julius Aghahowa aka aga wonder Cover Muse Magazine's (The GOLD ISSUE)

It's a parade of glamour and a 'tre chic' lifestyle.... Muse Magazine's(The GOLD ISSUE), Laced two of Nigeria's sweet heart as its cover celebrities. The sensational King of Queens and Afro Pop Diva, Yemi Alade simply put, "the girl who made 2014 rock", glows in a blue and gold gown. 

On the other side has one of Nigeria's hottest football veterans, Julius Aghahowa aka aga wonder, renowned for his back flips after every goal which many considered sexy. 

He is the hero who saved the day at the 2000 African National Cup against Senegal. We have all wondered what he has been up to having left the football scene for quite a while. But here he says "I am making a unique come back". Can't wait to know what that means. Photo Efe Lopez, Styled by 



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